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Ukraine is a country famous for many things. It is an eastern European country having a population of 42.5 million and is also the 32nd most populated country of the world. The largest city which is also their capital is Kiev and the official language of the country is Cyrillic. The religion followed in the country is Eastern Orthodoxy, however, the one more religion they follow is Greek Catholicism. It has an area covering 603,628 km sq which makes it the largest country in Europe. Also, it holds the 46th place in the largest countries of the world.

The country is also famous for its top medical university, Poltava state medical university. It is an MCI recognized the medical university of Ukraine which is also known as Poltava state medical academy and Ukranian medical stomatological academy Poltava. It was founded by the dental faculty of Kharkiv medical academy in 1921. In the year 1994, the university got the sixth highest accreditation level as the death rate during the surgery was very low and then it was renamed as the Poltava state medical University. In 2004, Poltava also had the level 4 accreditation. The university is the topmost university from all over the world for the students pursuing a career in a medical study. Every year, many students come to complete their MBBS degree from this university.

The country Ukraine has many more big universities but Poltava is the leading one not only in Ukraine but in all over the world. Many students prefer this university because of the high-quality study, high qualified and degree holder faculties and low-cost fee. The country is cheaper than most of the other countries and this is the reason why many students come to Ukraine to complete their study. Poltava state medical university is also affordable for students who want to achieve their dreams but the only barrier coming between is the cost. The university is also preferred as there is no admission test needed like GMAT. The degree you will receive in the university is globally recognized by the organizations and MCI. Students who complete the degree from the university are also allowed to appear in the MCI screening test.

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Indian Students Happy Faces

Indian students prefer going to the Poltava state medical university because the total fee of the medical course is very low and affordable. Also, if a student is pursuing their medical degree in India from a private college, he will be paying 70% more amount than the cost of the degree he will pay for in Ukraine. Also, in Poltava state medical university, there is no hidden cost or donation needed which makes it easier to enter the university. Currently, more than 10,000 students are pursuing their medical MBBS degree in Poltava state medical university.

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Fee Structure 2019

CurrencyEligibility Apply By Duration1st year Fee (With hostel and other charges) 2nd-6th Per Year Fee Total 6 Year Fee (Without Hostel Fee) 2nd-6th Per Year Hostel Fee Total Fee With Hostel
$50% in PCB 31 July6 years $7000 $4000*5=
$27000 $300*5=
INR50% in PCB 31 July 6 years 490,000 280,000*5=
1,890,000 21,000*5=


  1. US $ 1=₹68 has been used for calculation of fees in the table above. Please use the current exchange rate. Fees will be payable as per the exchange rate at the time of payment of the fees.
  2. There will be no increase in the tuition fee once the student has enrolled.
  3. The fees for MBBS in Ukraine is payable directly to the university once the student reaches Ukraine.
  4. 1st-year expenses include College tuition fees, 1st-year hostel fees, other one-time expenses payable only in the 1st-year to the University.
  5. Tuition Fee can be paid semester wise.

Other expenses:

  1. Admission, registration and Visa processing charges payable in India.
  2. Food expenses approximately US $ 1,000-1,200 per year.

Why Ukraine is Rated best country to study MBBS Abroad

Student Life

Students in Poltava state medical university live a really happy life. Every year, more than 5000 students come to the university for studying MBBS from all around the globe. Also, the number of local students are also enough there. Students coming to the universities are happier and feel the freedom because of the environment of the university which gives them a warm welcome and comfort. Also, the local students are also very friendly which makes the Indian students even more comfortable there. It is not a difficult task to adjust there because of the people and of course the ambiance. Unlike many other universities where you are required to learn their local language in order to study, you don’t need to learn any other language in this university as the medium is English which is been followed by the Poltava state medical university for learning.


If you are thinking to study in Poltava state medical university, the decision is for sure right. But for the Indian student, the biggest concern is the hostel life and food availability. In Poltava, the hostel’s fee is very low and affordable along with the food. You will be served good food which is made by taking care of proper hygiene as per the rules and regulations of the university. The safety has also been taken very seriously so that all the students can stay safe and feel home in the hostel. The university has a cafe, car parking, reading room, dormitories, library, and other buildings. There is a total of 16 buildings in the university. Hostel corridors are always under the CCTV recording and the university is very good with the security services, health services, and the counseling services as the students are open to using any service whenever required.

Food Availability

In the Poltava state medical university, the cafe facility is given all the time so that the students can show their cravings to their favorite meal. Also, the food they are providing is mostly healthy with the goodness of homely food so that all the students feel homely. There are multiple cuisines available along with Indian as there are different students coming from different countries and have different meal preferences. In the hostel, all the rooms are attached to a personal kitchen so that the student can cook and make their own meal as they like. However, they need to use their own utensils. Also, the food can be brought from the various outlets present in the university.

The university is known for its advanced technology classes where the students are studying and making the difference as everything is smart and full of advancement. The university has taken all the measurements to keep the classes high tech. The faculty of the university has globally acclaimed teachers and professionals. Also, there will be guest lectures done every month by the teachers from different countries holding a good experience. They will be sharing their experiences with the students which will help the students in their future doctor career. The classes are very small because they do not overload the students in order to pay attention to each of the students like a home tutor. Everything is ensured to provide the best to the students and also, all the students are being asked to perform the practical as well in order to polish their skills and to give the exposure to their practical knowledge as well. There is no discrimination in students and all are being trained under the guidance of the professionals.

Group oriented class structure

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