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collegeicon Crimea State Medical University Post Graduate Education

Clinical ordinature of the Crimean State Medical University named after S. I. Georgievsky is a doctor’s refresher training at the post-diploma education faculty.
The main aim is perfection of professional knowledge, practical skills, training of the doctor of the highest qualification on different specialties.
Term of study at the clinical ordinature for foreign citizens is fixed according to the application and the country requirements for a certain specialty. Beginning and completion of training is indicated in the contract. Term of training at the clinical ordinature on therapeutic specialties is 2 years, for surgical ones – 3 years
and for particular specialty like neurosurgery and others – 4-5 years .
Foreign citizens who have just graduated from the university and have got a diploma of a specialist are admitted to the clinical ordinature on the contract basis.
The documents are submitted to the department of post-diploma education of medical university.
Doctors entering the clinical ordinature on the contract basis must submit the following documents:
• Application;
• Invitation to study;
• Questionnaire of indicated form;
• A copy of diploma with the appendix to it in which the list of marks on educational disciplines received is indicated (for citizens after graduation from the CSMU and other higher medical schools of Ukraine). Citizens, who received higher education in other countries, must follow a procedure of nostrification of diploma of higher medical education obtained abroad and submit a certificate on recognition of a foreign document from the department of nostrification of documents of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine
• Document on HIV test;
• Medical certificate certified by the official board of health of the country the citizen came from and it is given not later than two months before crossing the boarder of Ukraine for studies;
• Medical insurance policy for emergency medical care;
• Copy of birth certificate;
• Six photos, size 60x40 mm;
• Copy of valid national passport;
• Back ticket with the open date, valid one year.
Students are enrolled to the clinical ordinature every first day of the month (except July and August) during the academic year. Students are taught in Russian and English.

A student is given a certificate on specialized training in medicine on the specialty chosen. Doctors, who graduated from the clinical ordinature, have the right to continue studies at the post-graduate courses on the contract basis.
Master’s degree is a completed educational and qualification level of a specialist, who gained profound special skills and knowledge on specialty chosen, has experience in its applying and defended master’s thesis at the academic council of the university. Term of study is 1 or 1,5 year depending on the specialty chosen.
After completion of the course doctors, who successfully defended master’s degree thesis, are given a Master ‘s diploma.
Doctor’s degree is a training of scientific staff of higher qualification.
Term of study is 3 years. During this time a postgraduate student must complete fully an individual plan on Ph.D’s thesis, pass exams on specialty chosen, philosophy, a foreign language and at a stated time defend a Ph. D thesis. A diploma of a candidate of medical sciences (Ph.D in medicine) is given to those who successfully defended a Ph.D thesis.
List Of Available Courses
1. Orthopedics& Traumatology
2• Surgery
3• Gynecology & Obstetrics
4• Internal diseases
 5• Neurosurgery
6• Therapy
7• Forensic Medicine
8• Hygiene Ecology
9• Dermatology & Venereology
10• Pulmonary Medicine
11 Gastroenterology
12• Endocrinology
13• Uro-surgery
14• Urology
15• Cardiology
16• Anesthesiology & Intensive care medicine
17• Infectious and Epidemiology
18• Clinical Pharmacology& Pharmacotherapy
19• Pharmacology
20• Pharmacological Chemistry
21• Physical Rehabilitation
22• Medical Biology
23• Medical Chemistry
24• Microbiology
25• Neurology
26• Family medicine
27• Oncology
28• Ophthalmology
29• Stomatology (Dentistry)
30• Stomatological Surgery (Dental Surgery)
31• Stomatological Therapy(Dental Therapy)
32• Sexopathology
34• Topographical Anatomy and Operative Surgery
35• Toxicology
36• Thoracic surgery
37• Transplantation
38• Radiology
39• Radiation Hygiene
40• Reflex Therapy
41• E.N.T
42• Pediatrics & Children Infectious
43• Pediatrics Surgery
44• Physiotherapy
45• Family Medicine
46• Public Health
47• Psychology, Psychiatry and Necrology
48• Psycho Physiology
49• Psycho Therapy
50• Professional Pathology

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