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Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) Ukraine is one of the oldest higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It was founded in 1805 as the Medical Faculty of the Kharkiv University. Kharkov Medical Institute, Kharkov National Medical University and Kharkov State Medical University are old names of Kharkiv National Medical University/KNMU Kharkiv National Medical University is best for foriegn students who want to Study Medicine in Ukraine.
The Degree (MBBS, BDS, MD, MDS, MS, NURSING) of the Kharkov National Medical University (KNMU) is prestigious and recognized in many countries of the world.Among former graduates of the University there are ministers and members of parliaments in various countries, outstanding scientists and famous specialists who founded their own clinics abroad. Within the period of their studies the students undergo academic training in main medical specialties. They take part in examinations of patients, giving urgent aid, work at X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. Particular attention is paid to clinical rounds of patients, their management, filling in and arrangement of case histories with their subsequent analysis. Clinical and theoretical training of the students is performed at 56 departments of the University and the best clinics of Kharkiv with use of modern medical diagnostic and therapeutically equipment, computed provision of the academic process, a wide use of audio and video aids. Historically, Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU) was the first higher medical educational institution in Ukraine.
It was founded as the Medical Faculty of Kharkiv.

In 1920, the Medical Faculty was united with the Women’s Medical Institute, and Kharkiv Medical Academy was organized.
In 1921, the Academy was renamed as Kharkiv Medical Institute.
In 1994, the Institute served as a base for establishing Kharkov state Medical University.
In 2007 Kharkiv state Medical University was renamed as Kharkiv National Medical University

KHARKIV NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY has passed a glorious historical way from a faculty to a higher school, which trains both high-skilled doctors, pedagogical and scientific personnel for medicine. .

The Kharkiv medical school has been known outside the country.
1951 – the University was among the first higher schools, which began training medical personnel for different countries of the world.
1996 – admission of students for the English medium training began.
2010 – the work of the Preparatory Department for foreign citizens was resumed, a specialized reading hall began its functioning.
The University has trained 4237 doctors from 86 countries of the world. Of them, there are 3 Doctors of Science and 70 Candidates of Medical Science, more than 200 residents. At present, 2500 international students, probationers, residents and postgraduates from 72 countries of the world study at the University.
is a member of the International Association of Universities, registered under UNESCO;
has 7 Faculties, two of them 2 – training international students. Future doctors study in such specialties as General Medicine, Pediatrics, Preventive Medicine, Stomatology and receive the education-qualification level of a Specialist;
has 66 Departments, whose faculty numbers 821 specialists in sciences and pedagogy; of them, there are 122 Doctors of Medical Science and Professors, and 459 Candidates of Medical Science and Associate Professors.
has a high personnel potential: 5 corresponding members of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, 17 Honored Workers of Science and Engineering of Ukraine, 3 Honored Workers of Higher School of Ukraine, 13 Honored Doctors of Ukraine, 8 winners of the State Prize of Ukraine in the fields of science and engineering, 28 members of public Academies of Ukraine; 28 members of international medical association;
trains over 7000 students, interns, masters, clinical postgraduates, postgraduates and doctoral candidates;
is a modern multi-type educational establishments with its powerful scientific, material and technical basis, with use of up-to-date technical information technologies: multimedia, computers, particularly there is wireless Internet access ( Wi-Fi ) in all educational buildings of the University;
has 5 specialized academic councils for defending Doctor’s and Candidates thesis in 11 medical specialties;
has the Central Research Laboratory, 4 problem laboratories, the Educational Scientific Centerbased on classrooms for phantom techniques of education and computerized classrooms, and theComputerCenter;
has the Scientific Library, whose fund comprises over 1 million copies (including those in the English language), with 11 reading halls and 2 rooms of electronic information; the electronic catalogue is continuously replenished; the repository of KhNMU is in operation;
is the place for functioning of 18 scientific-pedagogical schools;
took part in 126 international and 340 Ukrainian scientific forums;
cooperates with 18 foreign medical institutions;
participates in the realization of 16 international projects; 65 of its workers are members of 67 foreign scientific and medical organizations;
has the Coordinating Council of students’ self-government;
has the communityMuseumof History of KhNMU, which in 2011 was awarded the title “The Perfect Museum”;
issues its newspaper The Medical University;
has six hostels, where each room has an access to Internet;
has itsYouthCenter;
has its complex for physical education and health improvement;
has its sports-health camp “Medic”;
received a title of honor “The leader of National Education” at the XII International Exhibition “The Modern Education inUkraine”.

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