Master Degree In Applied Economics

at V.N.Karazin Kharkiv National University

Curriculum for Master degree in Applied Economics (MAE) is accredited and licensed in V.N. Karazina Kharkiv National University since 2005. This is unique Master degree in economics in Ukraine. The studying process is hold at the department of Economic Cybernetics and Applied Economics of Kharkiv V.N. Karazin National University. The main purpose is to create a qualified specialist with analytic and decision making skills, as there is plenty of current problems in different areas of modern economy.
After graduation Master students become universal specialists gaining not only economic knowledge but also mathematical methods, system approach, simulation and modeling techniques during the course. MAE program has been developed by the leading professors of six Ukrainian universities together with professors of two Greek and one British university. The program structure was agreed with the Ministry of Science and Education of Ukraine. The curriculum content corresponds to “Applied Economics” Master degree, issued earlier by European universities. Duration of studying is 2 years. MAE program provides advanced fundamental, humanitarian, socio-economic, pedagogical, theoretical and practical training.
The course disciplines are as follows:
– Mathematics and Foundamentals of Modeling; Economics; Russian/Ukrainian language; History and Culture of Ukraine.
– Methodology of scientific research, Contemporary Issues of Philosophy, Professional Foreign Language, Higher Education and Bologna process;
– Economic cybernetics, Economic Dynamics, Economic Modeling, Time Series, Applied Econometrics, Discrete Simulation; Input-output balance models;
– Industrial Economics, Labor markets, World Economy and Globalization, Supply Chains Modeling, Innovative Technologies, Agricultural Economy, Project Management, E-commerce, Actuarial Calculations, Decision Making Management.
During the course attention is also paid to advanced study of local language (Russian/Ukrainian). Within each discipline there are module control and set of computerized questions. During the fourth semester Master students must pass a complex degree exam and defend their master thesis. Studying & examination process is referred to the European Credit Transfer System. Academic staff regularly participates in scholars exchange programs in Greek and British universities. All the disciplines are provided with modern manuals and computer software. The growing demand for Master degree certifies that MAE program is eagerly sought especially for those who need the second economic degree. Mixture of fundamental knowledge in economics, mathematics and computer sciences increase the opportunities for future employment. Masters in Applied Economics afterwards are full functional in different spheres of economy: at enterprises, banks, firms, consulting companies, state and municipal authorities etc. Qualification of “Economist & Analyst” makes our graduates eligible to hold leader positions and also run analysis, based on computer software and data base.

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