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Germany is a country situated in Europe. Germany is popularly called the Federal Republic of Germany. The country is a prominent part of the EU (European Union). The country consists of sixteen states. It is covered in an area of 357,021 square kilometers. It has the largest economy of Europe and the fifth of the world. Here one can find a variety of landscapes. The population of Germany is approx 75 million. The capital is Berlin which is also the largest metropolitan city in Germany. Ruhr is the place where all international decisions take place. After the US, Germany is known for the most popular immigration destination. The immigration policies are clear. The main cities are Hamburg, Dresden, Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hannover, Munich, Bremen, Leipzig, and Nuremberg.

MBBS in Germany

Germany is also popular for medical universities it has. Students from various countries come here to pursue medical courses. The country has a vast history of research and development in science. In Germany, there are top and best medical universities in the world. In total 35 medical universities are here where 80,000 medical students are studying. The cost of the MBBS course is minimum which is also attracting students from all over the world to study in Germany. No tuition fee is charged from the students studying at the undergraduate level in the universities which are owned by districts and states. Every year lots of foreign students apply for the MBBS course in its medical universities.

It offers excellent prospects to students for medical studies. The engineering and applied science are the popular course of its universities. Still, medical life science and medicines have equal importance and students come here for these courses. The students can also opt for permanent citizenship in Germany if they want after 5 years of medical practice. In this view, the students are much more interested in studies in Germany. When planning to study MBBS in abroad the first choice people consider is Germany for various factors including best universities and their low-cost courses.

MBBS in Germany has a very bright future specially for Indian students. Here they can easily get admission to the universities and practice after the completion of studies. Infrastructure and available facilities are of high quality for students. The country also has policies for a work permit of international students. They can get it easily and the permit will be valid up to 18 months. For EU students no work permit is required to work in the country. The MBBS degree from Germany’s universities is recognized worldwide.

Indian Students in Germany

As mentioned above, Germany is one of the best destinations to be considered for the MBBS course in the world. Students from all over the world including Indian students prefer it. Indian students have good opportunities here. As the country gives work permits to international students after MBBS Indian students would be able to work freely there. For Indians hostel facilities are good and there wouldn’t be any problem to get Indian food. The course duration is of 6 years which includes the training period. The degree is recognized by MCI, thus there wouldn’t be any problem to practice in India after getting an MBBS degree from Germany. Accommodation cost would also be low here. The climatic conditions are also suitable for Indian students to live in the country. Universities have a library, laboratory, college building all with good infrastructure.

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India - Germany Relation

The relations between Germany and India are quite strong. The relationship can be called bilateral between both countries, marked by a high degree of trust and mutual respect. Traditionally, there has been commercial, cultural and technological cooperation between the countries. After the second world war, India was the first country which established the ties with the Federal Republic of Germany. In terms of trade, Germany is the biggest economic partner of India in Europe. Also, in 2017, Germany became the seventh largest investor of India after investing $10.71 billion. 

Germany MBBS Valid in India

The MBBS degree from Germany is equally valid as a degree from Indian universities is. The universities of Germany are recognized by Medical Council of India (MCI) and students are allowed to appear for the MCI screening after getting a degree from Germany. Students can thereafter practice in India as doctors and can also apply for the Postgraduate course in medicine. They would also be allowed to apply for the government job with this degree.

Apart from MCI, the universities are also recognized by the world’s renown organizations such as WHO, UNO etc.

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  • The first and foremost advantage of pursuing MBBS course in Germany is the low cost of the course and low living expenses.
  • The universities are recognized by UNO, WHO, MCI and other prominent bodies.
  • In some of the universities of Germany, free education is provided to international students.
  • English and German mediums are available for the courses.
  • The students would not have to appear for any type of entrance exam to get admission in universities of Germany.
  • Students will get work facilities after the completion of the course.
  • No donation required to get admission.
  • Indian food is available.
  • Good hostel facilities.
  • Work opportunities are more.
  • Universities are recognized by well-known organizations of the world.
  • MCI has given recognition to universities.

Why Germany Is Rated Best Country To Study Mbbs Abroad

Religion in Germany

Since medieval times, the majority of the population is following Christianity. Currently, 65%-70% of people are Christian. The Christians are congregated into various Christianity classes. Apart from these, there are also some minority religions in Germany. There are about 4% of the population following Islam religion. The Judaisms and Buddhisms together make about 1% of the people of Germany.

People in Germany

People of Germany are well cultured. They are friendly and polite to international friends. The literacy rate in Germany is also high. Talking, about the crime rate, Germany this considered as the safest place as the crime rate is low in this country.

Culture in Germany

The unique culture of Germany is popular for its people and language. The country’s tradition lies in its roots. The Deutschland has been a creative place from the beginning and is also known as the country of poets and thinkers. All the religions of Germany, despite having a major share of Christians, celebrate and respect each other’s festivals and values.

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