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Kyrgyzstan is a country surrounded by the borders of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and China. The country is situated in central Asia. The former name of Kyrgyzstan was the Kyrgyz Republic. Its capital city is Bishkek, which is also known as the largest country of Kyrgyzstan. The city is a beautiful place with an area of 49 square miles. Its population is approx 1250,000. It was earlier occupied by Russia in the year of 1876. Later in 1991, the country got its independence from Russias rule. The national language of Kyrgyzstan is Kyrgyz and Official language is Russian.

About kyrgyzstan

Official Language Kyrgyz, Russian
Exchange Rate ₹1 = 1.01 Som
Population60 lakh
Time Difference from India +30 minutes from India
Travel time from Delhi to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 3 hours 50 minutes direct flight
MBBS in Kyrgyzstan Fees Asian Medical Institute = US $ 3,200 per year.

Kyrgyz State Medical Academy = US $ 4,000 per year.

ISM= US $ 4,000 per year.

Jalalabad State University= US $ 2,950 per year.
Type of colleges Both Private and Government
Duration5.8 years
Medium of Instruction English, student will be taught the local language.

MBBS in kyrgyzstan

For medical education, Kyrgyzstan is becoming popular day by day. It provides better opportunities for MBBS. The country has 6 renown University of the world. Students can get admission in these universities easily and make their career bright in the medical field. The MBBS course is available here at a low cost. The medical studies in Kyrgyzstan are cheapest in the world and thus is suitable for the students as they have quality courses as well. It costs around 15-20 lakh for MBBS course in this country. Its universities have good infrastructure, free highly qualified faculty and pleasant environment which makes it a suitable place for students. The hostels of the universities are also good at giving a comfortable place to live.

The admission process is easy in which requires 10+2 with 50% marks in PCB. The students would not have to enter in any kind of entrance exam for the MBBS course. The medium for the courses is English in this country. The course duration in this country is 6 years. In the first 5 years, the university teaches the basics and in the last year, the training in affiliated hospitals is provided. This makes the students concept and skills better. Many universities of Kyrgyzstan provides clinical knowledge and case studies based on real life during the course.

The MBBS course in Kyrgyzstan is beneficial for Indian students as the currency rate are equal which would be budget friendly for them. The living and study expenses would be almost similar to India even will be on lower side. The course has got recognition from UNESCO, PLAB, WHO etc. The universities also provide MCI training here which makes it easier for the students to get certified. The degree is valuable in India as well and in other countries of the world.

Indian Students in Kyrgyzstan

There are about 4500 students from India in MCI approved universities of Kyrgyzstan. The medical education here is considered as the cheapest medical education in Asia. In 10-15 lacs package, universities provide various programmes. The Capital Bishkek alone has around 1000 Indian students who are studying medical programme in 3 different universities. In 30 minutes distance, a city Kant is located where 700 Indian students have been accounted for getting a medical education. The direct flight from Delhi is available for Bishkek which will have about 3-4 hours of Journey. The traveling cost would also be under 15000/- if booked in advance.

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India - kyrgyzstan Relation

The relations between India Kyrgyzstan are hood as both of the countries have entered into a treaty and bilateral agreement. The political relationship with Kyrgyzstan has also been warm and friendly. The people are good and friendly with foreigners. The food and culture are also suitable for Indian students. Therefore, Indian students would not get any problem living here. Unlike other countries, here Indian students wouldn’t have to face any type of racial discrimination.

kyrgyzstan MBBS Valid in India

The most of the universities of Krygystan providing MBBS course are accredited by MCI (Medical Council of India) which allows the Indian students to sit for MCI screening in India. After MCI, the student would get permission to practice in India. The student will be allowed to apply for a government job or for a PG course in government medical college of India. The courses are also recognized by WHO and UNESCO. Thus, the degree is valid in not just India but also in other countries of the world.

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  • The universities of Kyrgyzstan are listed and accredited by the world’s prominent organization such as UNESCO and WHO.
  • The cost of course and accommodation is less expensive compared to the MBBS course in other countries.
  • The students would not have to give any kind of donation here to get admission in the universities.
  • Separate hostel facilities are available for Indian students during their MBBS course.
  • Separate hostels for girls and Boys.
  • The students are not required to give any entrance exam to join the MBBS programme in the universities of Kyrgyzstan.
  • The Indian food is available for students which will be cooked by Indian chefs in the hostel campus.
  • The universities are MCI recognized which will allow the pass outs to appear in MCI screening and practice in India.
  • MCI coaching is provided during the MBBS course duration.
  • The degree is valid worldwide and opens gates for further education and jobs in different countries.
  • The medium of language is English.

Why kyrgyzstan Is Rated Best Country To Study Mbbs Abroad

Religion in kyrgyzstan

The population of Kyrgyzstan is 86.3% Muslim. Most of them belong to the Sunni branch which is in existence since the 18th century. Ahmadi Muslims can also be found here in this country. Minorities of Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Russians, and German are available here. Other inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan comprises Kazakhs, Tajiks, Tatars, Uighurs, and Dungans.

People in kyrgyzstan

The total population of the country is about 6 million. Kyrgyz are polite and well-cultured people. Because of the availability of better medical education, foreign students are also entering the country. This number is increasing day by day which makes it an education hub. The literacy rate of the country is also high. The citizens are helpful to other people coming from different countries.

Culture in kyrgyzstan

The country is full of culture and traditions. Different festivals and events are celebrated here. The country people are from Turkic Tribes which resembles semi-nomadic. These have been nomadic cattle breeder since ages. The sheep and horses are the animals which are bred in Kyrgyzstan. In this country, the sheep are in a large number then its population. Indian students can also celebrate their festivals as in hostel and colleges Indian festivals are celebrated.

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