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Russia is one of the largest country when it comes to the land and holds the seventh position in a populated country as well. The country is always up to date with the latest technology in every field. Be it their culture, people or education, everything is just beyond perfect. Also, one more reason for which Russia is famous is its MBBS study. 100000 of students come to Russia every year to pursue MBBS. So let us take a look of MBBS degree in Russia.

About Russia

Official Language Russian
CurrencyRussian ruble (₽) (RUB)
Exchange Rate ₹1 = 0.92 Russian Ruble
Population14.43 crores
Time Difference from India Varies from state to state
Travel time from Delhi to Moscow, Russia6-7 hours direct flight
MBBS in Russia Tuition Fees (6-year English medium)Between US $ 3,500 above
Type of colleges Government
Duration5.8 years
Medium of Instruction English, student will be taught the local language. Bilingual is some colleges.

MBBS in Russia

Russia is considered as the favorite country for perusing MBBS. The reasons are many but the number one and the reason in most of the cases is the fact that it is really affordable country to do MBBS from. Not just affordable but the country uses the up to date and top methods and techniques in the medical study which also makes it the desired choice for the students pursuing MBBS. If we talk about the numbers, the more than 10,000 students are currently pursuing their medical degree in Russia and around 2,000 Indian students complete their MBBS degree every year from Russia.

The good part is that the Russian institutions of medical science which are listed under WHO are well recognized by the MCI which stands for the medical council of India. As said above, it is one of the affordable country to pursue MBBS from which makes the Indian student pursue their degree from Russia and above this, the good relations between India and Russia makes the Indian students feel more comfortable in the country as they generally do not face any racism in the country. Moreover, making friends there is easier as the citizen of Russia is always helpful.

If a student completes his degree from Russia, he/she can be assured that they will be for sure become a successful doctor as the medical study of Russia is one of the best medical studies in the world. Even if we see the history, the doctors who already have completed their degree from Russia are doing really well. The students will be provided high-quality education and the cost of living and other expenses will also be quite affordable as compared to other countries. The semester system in Russia is the same as India and their academic year starts in September-October. The only thing to take care of choosing the right college as most of the universities is in Russian medium.

Indian Students in Russia

Russia has very good relations with India in terms of economic and cultural. The country welcomes Indian and there is no racism or any other sort of discrimination as well for Indians. Also, the country is very affordable for the MBBS degree and the living cost and other expenses are also bearable which makes it eligible for the study. Currently, there are around 10,000 students perusing their degree in medical science and almost 2000 students complete their MBBS degree every year from Russia.

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India - Russia Relation

Studying abroad is not an easy task at all because people face many difficulties like racism, huge fee, living expenses, and a big culture difference. These are the things which every student face when they visit a country and choose it for pursuing their dreams. However, if we talk about Russia, the scenario is completely different. There is no cultural gap between these two countries. In fact, one will find many similarities and also the economic relationship is also strong between Russia and India due to which the Indian students get the benefit of not being the victim of any discrimination at all. Also, the citizens are very friendly and they welcome Indians with all their heart. Apart from this, you will find the Indian food in most of the universities which are also an advantage for an Indian student.

Russia MBBS Valid in India

Yes, MBBS from Russia will be valid in India. The degree in Russia will be MD which is valid in India as well however for this, one has to clear the MCI test. Once this test is cleared, the certificate of eligibility will be given and then the person is allowed to practice medicine in India. After this, you can work anywhere be it in a private sector or a government. Apart from India, the Russian degree is valid in USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Norway and in many more countries.

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There are many advantages of studying MBBS from Russia. Here are some of them which one should know-

  • The degree of MBBS from Russia is a globally recognized degree which is accepted by WHO and MCI, Medical Council of India as well.
  • The medium of communication while pursuing the degree will be English so that the students will not feel discomfort while studying. Also, there will be Russian language classes as well so that the student can have a conversation with the local Russians too.
  • The degree is very affordable which makes it the best choice for many students from all over the world.
  • The practical practice will be the major concern for the Russian universities which is the topmost priority for a medical student.
  • Self-cooking and Indian food choices will be given in most of the colleges.

Why Russia Is Rated Best Country To Study Mbbs Abroad

Religion in Russia

In Russia, the majority of people follow the religion is Christianity. However, there are some minorities of Muslims and Pagans present as well. Russians do give respect to Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam and other religion and creed as well. Even though the majority of them follow Christianity, they follow the other religion and respect every religion equally.

People in Russia

Russia is considered as seventh largest in the world in terms of population. Indeed, the population is high but comparatively lower than India. People of Russia are very humble and polite and as the number of students comes to Russia for education, they are quite open to the people of other countries and especially India. They are most of the time polite and very friendly. The cases of racism in Russia faced by Indians are very low and almost null.

Culture in Russia

The culture of Russia includes their rich history, their influential art, classical music, architecture, painting, animation, cinema and of course literature. Knowing and learning their culture will take longer but it is fun and good to know something new, something innovative. You will surely find peace in participating in their culture. Also, it will keep you close with the Russian people as well.

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