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Ukraine, being a land of 6,03,628 km2, has been announced to be the largest country in the European continent. Here, the most fertile farmland has helped the individuals to create the world’s largest grain exporters. This global breadbasket of Europe has developed a diversified economy of Ukraine. In the field of industrial equipment and aerospace, Ukraine has set its unique identity. This country is known to be the home for almost 42.5 million people and 77% of them are Ukrainians by ethnicity. However, pursuing MBBS in Ukraine is considered to be one of the best career choices that an individual can ever experience. So, let’s take a glimpse of this exclusive career opportunity.

About Ukraine

Official Language Ukrainian
CurrencyUkrainian Hryvnia (UAH)
Exchange Rate ₹2.56 = 1 Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Population4.25 crore
Time Difference from India -2.30 hours from India during summer &
-3.30 hours from India during winters
Travel time from Delhi to Kiev, Ukraine 7-8 hours direct flight
MBBS in Ukraine Tuition Fees Between US $ 3,500 to 4,800
Type of colleges Both Private and Government
Duration5.8 years
Medium of Instruction English, student will be taught the local language.

MBBS in Ukraine

Indian students have always felt a flare for the MBBS course in Ukraine. This one of the most sought out destinations for MBBS therefore receive millions of application each and every year. According to the survey, report over 66, 000 international students showcase their interest in studying MBBS. These students belong to different parts of the world and among them 3, 000 learners are willing to study MBBS in Ukraine. In the year of 2018, this figure went to 6000+. However, MBBS in Ukraine has always been a cost-effective choice as well. It is usually considered to be a number 1 destination for every learner who wants to touch the sky pursuing a great career.
Moreover, getting Ukraine student visa is no more challenging for the learners. With the help of experts at Eurasia Education Link, you can get all sorts of assistance related to your medicine course in Ukraine. They can also connect you with number one Ukraine medical college list so that you can get the option to select the best one. The professionals at Ukraine offer highly efficient education to the learners. Once you get registered with Eurasia, you can get the name of top medical colleges in Ukraine. It helps you to make your career swift and smooth.
MBBA has always been one of the toughest yet interesting streams for the learners. Moreover, when it comes to study medicine in Ukraine, the degree gets global acceptance. If you are eligible to get an admission in the best medical college in Ukraine, you will learn the most effective things about this course. Here, the professionals let you know how to balance between the theoretical and practical part of this course. After successful completion of this course, a leaner earn the degree of MD physician. This degree gets global appreciation and helps the student to receive a warm welcome from the best hospitals from all around the globe.

Top Universities To Study Mbbs In Ukraine


Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Bogomolets national medical university

Ukraine medical stomatological academy

University NameFounded InBenefits
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University1945• located in Galytska 2, 76000 Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
• University consists of 12 hospitals and clinics.
• Indian Food Available
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University1784• Formerly known as the Lvov State Medical Institute
• In 2009 University celebrated its 225 anniversary
• One of the leading medical universities of the IV level of accreditation
Bogomolets National Medical University1841• In 2016, the University has celebrated the 175th anniversary of its foundation.
• Very strict university
• Highly Professional Faculty
ukraine medical stomatological academy1921• Ranks top-500 in the world
• More than 5,000 Indian students
• Comfortable Infrastructure

Indian Students in Ukraine

Though Ukraine is considered to be a country at war, every year millions of students fly to this place from India to pursue MBBS course. A recent data has reported that almost 10, 884 learners from India are currently pursuing MBBS in Ukraine. Most of them are interested to study medicine in Ukraine. However, the top colleges here help the students to apply for the courses and get immediate admission in the top places. Ukraine is the only place where the students get a new hope to not to loos their academic years.

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Eurasia education link is a one-stop solution for you to get admission in the medicine course in Ukraine. Here, the professionals with years of experience are able to guide you throughout the admission procedure. Even if you have lost one more year in the hope of taking admission in MBBS course, then we are the only one who can lead your career towards the bright future. We know how to lit up the light for your long desired hope and meet your requirements in minutes. However, the experts may arrange a face to face interview round where they get to know more about your desires and know the name of the colleges that you prefer.

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India - Ukraine Relation

It is not at all easy to get admission in the M BBS course abroad. And most of the time, this dream of the students get abolished when it comes to the monetary terms. And that’s where Ukraine has helped us all to achieve our dreams. Well, take some experts’ advice! It helps you to get suggestions from the year’s old professionals. And they let you choose the best path towards your dream.

Ukraine MBBS Valid in India

If you get the permission to study medicine in Ukraine from an MCI recognized university, then according to the Medical Council of India rules, you are allowed to sit for the FMGE or MCI screening test. Well, you get the chance twice as this exam is conducted two times in a year. This particular test is hard to get replaced by National Exit Test or NEXT.

Roadmap to your success in just 3 stepsHow to Apply

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    As per your details if you are eligible we will share a list of universities. As per your requirement and budget, you can select your desired university.

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    Apply online or call us directly to share your required details. Our executive will get in touch with you to make communication even easier.

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    Rest is on us. Not only the admission letter and invitation letter, but we also help you to get a visa. Pack your bag and get ready to fly to Study MBBS Abroad.

Mbbs In Ukraine Fee Structure 2019

Universities1st year Fees (Including Hostel and other charges) in US $ 1st year Fees (Including Hostel and other charges) in ₹ Fees per year (2nd - 6th Year) in US $ Fees per year (2nd - 6th Year) in ₹ 2nd-6th year Hostel in US $ 2nd-6th year Hostel in ₹ Total Course Cost with Hostel in US $ Total Course Cost with Hostel in ₹
Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical UniversityUS $ 6,800 ₹4,62,400 US $ 4,000 ₹2,72,000 US $ 280x5=US $ 1,400 (Can be different depending on the hostel availability) ₹95,200 US $ 28,200 ₹19,17,600
Lviv National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,000₹4,76,000 US $ 4,400 ₹2,99,200 US $ 900x5= US $ 4,500 ₹3,06,000 US $ 33,500 ₹22,78,000
Bogomolets National Medical UniversityUS $ 8,000 ₹5,44,000 US $ 4,500 ₹3,06,000 US $ 1,000x5= US $ 5,000 ₹3,40,000 US $ 35,500 ₹24,14,000
Poltava State Medical UniversityUS $ 6,500 ₹4,42,000 US $ 4,008 (2nd Year). US $ 4,819 (3rd year onwards). ₹2,72,544 (2nd Year). ₹3,27,692 (3rd year onwards). US $ 800x5= US $ 4,000 ₹2,72,000 US $ 33,784 ₹22,97,312
Ternopil State Medical UniversityUS $ 6,500 ₹4,42,000 US $ 4,100 ₹2,78,800 US $ 400x5= US $ 2,000 ₹1,36,000 US $ 29,000 ₹19,72,000
Odessa National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,800 ₹5,30,400 US $ 4,370 (Fees increase every year from 2nd year onwards) ₹2,97,160... (Fees increase every year from 2nd year onwards) US $ 1,100x5= US $ 5,500 ₹3,74,000 US $ 39,000 ₹26,52,000
Kharkiv National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,700 ₹5,23,600 US $ 4,800 ₹3,26,400 US $ 500x5=US $ 2,500 ₹1,70,000 US $ 34,200 ₹23,25,600
Kyiv Medical UniversityUS $ 6,500 ₹4,42,000 US $ 3,500 ₹2,38,000 US $ 1,200x5=US $ 6,000 ₹4,08,000 US $ 30,000 ₹20,40,000
V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,450 ₹5,06,600 US $ 4,550 ₹3,09,400 US $ 500x5= US $ 2,500 ₹1,70,000 US $ 32,700 ₹22,23,600
Vinnitsa National Medical UniversityUS $ 7,600 ₹5,16,800 US $ 5,000 ₹3,40,000 US $ 500x5= US $ 2,500 ₹1,70,000 US $ 35,100 ₹23,86,800


  1. US $ 1=₹68 has been used for calculation of fees in the table above. Please use the current exchange rate. Fees will be payable as per the exchange rate at the time of payment of the fees.
  2. There will be no increase in the tuition fee once the student has enrolled.
  3. The fees for MBBS in Ukraine is payable directly to the university once the student reaches Ukraine.
  4. 1st-year expenses include College tuition fees, 1st-year hostel fees, other one-time expenses payable only in the 1st-year to the University.
  5. Tuition Fee can be paid semester wise.

Other expenses:

  1. Admission, registration and Visa processing charges payable in India.
  2. Food expenses approximately US $ 1,000-1,200 per year.


  • Get admission at an affordable cost.
  • High-quality teaching style from world-class experts.
  • Students applying for the MBBS in Ukraine can sit for the varied licensing exam such as MCI screening test.
  • Simple admission procedure is now a click away from you.
  • Get worldwide recognition and after successful completion, you can practice it anywhere in the world.
  • Moderate weather condition encourages you to study harder.
  • Cost of living is lower than you have ever imagined.

Why Ukraine Is Rated Best Country To Study Mbbs Abroad

Religion in Ukraine

Ukraine is comprised of different religions where a lion’s offers of the people belong to Christianity. Around 65% of people all across this country is considered to be the followers of different orthodoxy categories. Starting from Catholics to Protestants to Muslim – every religion is getting equal recognition and respect In Ukraine.

People in Ukraine

Every year Ukraine calls for a large number of students, especially from India. And people in Ukraine have always been polite and cooperative to these learners. That’s why every year, the count for the students are getting increased. The government of Ukraine is stepping into for offering the students with a broader educational stream. And this is the reason why foreign students are developing more interest in studying MBBS in Ukraine.

Culture in Ukraine

All the international students here are entertained with fun activities throughout the year. This country has developed loads of clubs, shopping malls and cafes all around the cities. If students get bored with their regular study program, they can easily travel to these entertaining places to enjoy the fun moments. When it comes to exploring this country’s culture, you can apply to the universities that are situated in Kyiv or Lviv. They will offer you with proper knowledge based on economic, cultural development and political issues. Also, Lviv is said to influenced by western European culture and lifestyle.

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