China which is officially the People’s republic of China is a country with the highest number of population of the world. It has the 1.404 billion of people living in the country. Also the area covers approx 9,600,000 sq KM area which makes it the fourth largest country of the world. The country has 22 states and it is famous for many things. Pursuing MBBS in China is a good career option for most of the students. But before jumping to the conclusion, let us take a look at all the measures.


China is a country which is leading the world for its latest technology, their work ethics, and their education and medical colleges in China. The country is number one and indeed deserves respect for their work ethics and being advanced. Also, for those who don’t know, China is not only famous for technology but also has the highest ranked colleges from all over the world to study MBBS. And as we have said above, China is known for its advanced technology. Their teaching methods include the latest trends in the world with the topmost technology. This is the reason why thousands of students fly to China every year to pursue their MBBS education.

Also, if we talk about the fee and everything else, you will be shocked to know that the fee of MBBS in China is very low and if we compare it to the other European countries, it is very low. It is affordable for the students to complete the education and the cherry on the cake is having the education from the world’s best country in such a low fee. The medical universities where the global medical foundation helps the students in order to get the admission to pursue the MBBS in China are approved by MCI, WHO and MOE.

The only condition or can be called as a barrier to study MBBS in China is the fact that their medium of teaching is not English but their local languages and hence, it is important and mandatory for the students to learn their local language as they will need it to communicate with the local citizens while their internship period. Mandarin is the language they are required to learn in order to communicate and study. But if one learns this language, education will be easier and indeed it is a good thing to learn a new language so this is not the big issue for which one needs to drop the idea to pursue the MBBS degree in China.



mbbs in china


As the country China is one of the best country to pursue MBBS from, there are many Indian students who apply for pursuing MBBS in China. If we talk about numbers, more than 10,000 Indian students are currently studying the medical study in China and the shocking part is that more than 4000 students are women. According to this number, it shows that China is a good place and much safer for women to study and live without any issue. Also, the cost of living in China is very less. The food will cost around INR 60,000 per year and the accommodation expenses will be depending upon the place and the college.


Eurasia education link is a one-stop solution for you to get admission in the medicine course in China. Here, the professionals with years of experience are able to guide you throughout the admission procedure. Even if you have lost one more year in the hope of taking admission in MBBS course, then we are the only one who can lead your career towards the bright future. We know how to lit up the light for your long desired hope and meet your requirements in minutes. However, the experts may arrange a face to face interview round where they get to know more about your desires and know the name of the colleges that you prefer.


Let us read the benefits one will get while pursuing the degree-

  • China has most of the top-ranked universities in the medical field which are apt for pursuing MBBS from and it makes the country suitable for pursuing the course.
  • The living cost in China is very low. The accommodation, food and even the college fee is very low which makes it the best choice for doing MBBS.
  • China is known for technology and hence it will give you more exposure to practical knowledge.
  • Getting admission in China is easier than the other countries.
  • The country has the 200 MCI recognized universities. It will give you the choice to choose the best university for yourself.
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