The United States of America, commonly known as the USA is a country which is famous for their leadership quality. The country has 50 states, give self-governing territories and a federal district. It has an area of 3.8 million square miles which makes it the third largest country in terms of the area. It also is the third most populated country in the world with millions of people living. MBBS in USA. The country is not just famous for technology buy for their advanced education courses as well. There are many students all over from world who wants to complete their medical degree MBBS from the USA for the obvious reasons. But is it that easy? There are many things to be known before opting for the degree. Let us read and explore all the possibilities here-


MBBS is one of the biggest career options for most of the students. People every year try for it and then after completing the subject collection, the main question is from where to complete the MBBS from? There are many countries where one can choose completing the degree. However, everyone wants the best for them. The USA is a country which is famous to be the best in everything. Be it their education, technology or leadership, everything is famous. Pursuing MBBS from the USA can be a good option. People coming from the USA after pursuing the degree are given priority in every field. However, completing education in the USA is not an easy thing at all.

It needs passion, hard work, dedication, and consistency. If a person has all these qualities, he/she is eligible to achieve the goal for sure. Pursuing MBBS in USA will be a good choice and more a dream come true for all the students who are inspired to be a qualified MBBS doctor. Studying in the USA might be a bit difficult initially but once you are entered there, things will become easier for everyone. However, the system of medical study in the USA is totally different from the other countries such as Ukraine, Russia, China or Phillippines.

The process of getting admission is also a bit difficult but it is very similar to the Indian system. Just like India, they also have an entrance exam to be given to pursue MBBS in USA and get the admission in one of the top medical colleges of the country. There are around 350 medical universities in the USA to pursue MBBS. Every year, 1000 of students give the MCAT exam, medical college admission test to get the entry in USA college. The exam will be on an international basis and people from all over the world can participate in the exam. Needless to say, it will be a tough exam but if the student has a command over the subject, they can easily pass it.



From all over the world, students appear in the MCAT exam to get the entry in a top medical college of USA for doing MBBS and it includes many Indians as well. The numbers are huge of Indians who are studying MBBS in USA. However, it won’t be wrong to say that in every 100 students, only 20 can be chosen to be part of the university to pursue their dream. Almost every student who wants to be a successful doctor has a dream of studying in the USA because of which, the number of students who actually get the admission is low.


Eurasia education link is a one-stop solution for you to get admission in the medicine course in USA. Here, the professionals with years of experience are able to guide you throughout the admission procedure. Even if you have lost one more year in the hope of taking admission in MBBS course, then we are the only one who can lead your career towards the bright future. We know how to lit up the light for your long desired hope and meet your requirements in minutes. However, the experts may arrange a face to face interview round where they get to know more about your desires and know the name of the colleges that you prefer.


There are many advantages of studying in the USA to complete MBBS. Let us read a few of them-

  • There will be a high quality of education and more clinical exposure given as compared to India.
  • The USA has many top ranking universities in the world as compared to any other country.
  • You will get the flexibility of choosing any clinical site across the world.
  • In the USA, part-time job opportunities with great pay will be available which can help you in bearing the expenses and the experience.
  • The USA has a smart infrastructure which is one of the leading infrastructures from all over the world and you will get to explore it more while completing the degree.
  • There are also some possibilities of free education at PG level and you can also be offered a good stipend.
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  • 50% in Physics
  • 50% in Chemistry
  • 50% in Biology
  • 50% in English

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  • General Category = 134
  • SC | ST | OBC = 107



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